TrellaGro LST™

The automated horizontal plant-training system

At Trella Technologies, we’re creating innovative solutions for the indoor and freight farming industries of the future.

The TrellaGro LST™ uses environmentally sustainable, automated plant-training robotics to gently train your grow and monitor environmental inputs – which you track remotely on the proprietary app!

Model 4

Starting at $4200

The TrellaGro LST™ Model 4 is our more compact model, ideal for both home growers and industry pros looking to maximize limited indoor space. Designed with the SCROG (screen of green) grower in mind, the Model 4 is suitable for any indoor environment including grow tents, basements, container farms, or warehouses. Units are stackable – one unit supports a single plant and produces a canopy area up to 12 sq.ft. (1.11 sq.m.) using just 8 sq.ft. (0.743 sq.m.) of floor/shelf space.

Model 6

Starting at $4600

The TrellaGro LST™ Model 6 is our larger unit, producing a canopy area of 18 sq.ft. using just 12 sq.ft. of floor/shelf space with just one plant. Designed primarily for the cultivation of “Mother” plants, it is best suited for larger grow rooms or stacked arrangements. Like the Model 4, it is suitable for any indoor environment including grow tents, basements, container farms, or warehouses.


Each model comes equipped with temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors for connection with the TrellaGro LST™ app.

Maximum Yield

Increased canopy and shorter vegetation time means larger and more frequent harvests.  Stack the units and make the most of tight, indoor spaces. 


Power consumption less than most LED light bulbs at 0.52 kWh, and suited for back-up or solar power supply.

Decreased Labor Time

Automated, low-stress training imitates the natural growth patterns of your plants and promotes branching, eliminating hours of tying, pruning, and monitoring.

Conserve time, energy & materials.

Let the TrellaGro LST™ do the work for you and put hours of labor normally spent tying, trimming, and monitoring to better use! Enjoy maximum crop yields and consistent production of robust clippings, all while using less energy than a light bulb. When you are ready to start a new grow, just hose the units down with clean water and you’re good to go!